About ElevatePlaces.

Modern. Unique. Minimal.

ElevatePlaces is an online destination for unique interior pieces. We are passionate about modern art, and we strive to find the unique home décor goods for our customers. We love how modern design can blend with unique statement pieces, and we want to share our passion with those of the same interest.

Our goal is to bring together like-minded people who are passionate about unique interior pieces. We aim to help our customers make the most of their homes by providing them with the unique aesthetic interior décor pieces. We represent brands who encourage locals to solve challenges through valuable artisanal work.
We are endlessly looking for the best craftspeople and brands from all over the world to bring modern home décor goods to our customers. We strive to become a home for all the creators and small businesses out there, who want to share their passion and vision with the world.
Extraordinary Designs
We are passionate about unique interior pieces and we know you are too. We work hard to gather extraordinary designs from all around the world that you will not find anywhere else. We bring many cultures together to create unique collections that match everyone’s’ taste
High quality
All home décor goods are tested to ensure the best quality for our customers. Every single product that you see here are the things that we use ourselves – everything that we hold dear to our hearts and love.
Exceptional Customer Service
Our customers are an essential part of ElevatePlaces. We strive to provide you with the exceptional customer service, and we value every word of yours. Feel free to email us with any concerns, worries or ideas, or simply to say hi. We will make sure that every expectation of yours is fulfilled.
Our Team
ElevatePlaces is originally a team of two women who are passionate about home décor and unique interior pieces. We traveled the world to find the best specialists and brands in the fields of wood, ceramics, glass and other to make our ideas come to life. We gathered a team of the best professionals we could find, and today we are proud to work with craftspeople and brands from Italy, India, Spain, Hong Kong and Lithuania.
If you are a home décor brand, a potter, a wood maker or a craftsman of any other kind and want to join our wonderful team, feel free to email us at info@elevateplaces.com, and we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas.