Moving Guide: 5 Ways to Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

We are always super excited to move into new places, whether it is a new rental or an owned place. However, first weeks of moving in usually feel distant and foreign. We don’t know the place; we don’t have any memories in it. Hence, we prepared a list of ways to make a new place feel more at home. Here is how you can feel settled and happy – even while you are living among boxes!

Take Enough Time to Organise Your Place from the Start

There is nothing better in new places than having a chance to organise every little thing you own. We know from our own experience, however, that organising open spaces is not always the easiest task. We advise you to consider the wide variety of trays to make your decorating journey easier. Use them to organise your coffee table, patio or store your favourite kitchen tools on them. Trust us – once you start using trays, you can’t get enough!

Set up Your Bathroom

Nothing says “new apartment” more than a bathroom not set up. Stock this space with towels, mats, your favourite cosmetics (use the trays we just mentioned!). Bring some cosiness to it by adding a shower curtain or a small plant. Add your favourite smell to make it feel more at home.

Pick One Room and Make it Completely Cosy First

Choose the room that you spend the most time in – whether it is your bedroom, home office, kitchen, or any other space. Clear the room from all the boxes, clean it from the bottom to the ceiling, set up the furniture. Then add some decorating touch to make it feel cosy. It is a good idea to add some blankets and pillows. A tasteful figurine or a storage book can also add some style to a space. Choose what works best for you and go with it!

Set Up Lighting

Proper lighting can completely change the way you see a place. Placing proper lamps throughout the space can add the needed cosiness to it. But before you decide what kind of lighting do you want, we suggest you think about some candle lights. There are some beautiful candleholders out there that will not only help you give cosiness to a space while moving in but will also work as a great home décor piece once you’re done!

Add Life with Plants

Plants can add so much to a space! Grab a bouquet of outdoor flowers, some Pampas grass or even an indoor plant and you will start feeling at home right away! Place them in a minimalist ceramic vase or a pot to instantly elevate your place.

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