5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

All of us have suffered a bad night’s sleep at some point or another. One sleepless night may not cause any problems; however, a long-term sleep distraction can negatively impact one’s life. Hence, we have decided to gather you a list of top tips to help you sleep better at night.

1. Avoid technology

Remove your phone, computer and even TV from your bedroom, and stop using them at least one hour before going to bed. All kind of devices emit a blue light, which suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin.

2. Create a restful environment

Make sure you choose bed and mattress that matches your needs perfectly. Prepare the right temperature for your bedroom - between 16 °C and 18 °C (60°F to 65°F) is optimum. Also, make sure you don’t clutter your room and instead decorate it with something pleasant and minimal. Lavenders, roses or any other flowers in a vase can help create a soothing setting

3. Darkness promotes sleep

Try heavier curtains or even the blackout blinds if you are sensitive to the city lights. A darkened room helps to promote sleep and turning the lights down can make you feel sleepy.

4. Don’t work or watch TV in bed

Your mind should associate your bed only with sleeping. Eating, working, or watching movies in bed can suppress the melatonin (which is crucial for getting some quality sleep) the next time you are going to sleep.

5. Don’t fixate on the number of hours you get

There isn’t a ‘proper’ amount of sleep that we all need – it really depends on a person itself. According to the WSS, it is way better to get less high-quality sleep than to get loads of sleep of low quality