5 Tips to Decorate Your Shelves Like a Pro

The art of decorating shelves can be so intimidating sometimes. If you ever found yourself in a situation where you try to repeat some beautifully and professionally decorated shelves, but ended up being dissatisfied with the result, we are here to help you. Read these 5 amazing tips on how to decorate your shelves like a pro!


It’s a good idea to start decorating your shelves by clearing them completely of any other décor. Even if you want to re-use some décor pieces, you will find it much easier to begin with an empty space. This way you will not have anything to distract you!


This does not mean that you should decorate your shelves all in the same colour. What you should do is to choose colours that look and feel good together. We suggest you using one colour as your main background and then add some accent pieces for a pop of colour. Make sure to use your selected colour scheme throughout the whole decorating process.


You will find it way easier to decorate your shelves if you start seeing them as separate sections, instead of having one huge blank space. This is a small but effective mind trick that will help you make this decorating process less stressful and more fun.


Layering in home décor means combining décor pieces together. Put them in front, on top or even inside each other or try placing objects slightly off to the side. This will give some depth to your shelves and will look like they are decorated by a pro!


We know how difficult it can be to decorate your home if you have no idea on how to do it. If you reach that point where “nothing makes sense anymore”, it means you need to walk away and take some rest. There can be nothing worse in home décor than forcing it with sadness and disappointment. You will find eventually that once you take that well-deserved rest, everything will come back to its sense.