Top 3 Interior Shape Trends for 2021

Covid-19 has changed the way people see and use their homes, and hence had a great impact on many interior trends. In this blog we explore the key shape trends for the 2021 that we loved most and give you ideas how to implement these into your home without having to spend much on a fancy furniture.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and bright colours are references to the 80s’ interior trend that will take place in 2021. Geometric shapes can be implemented on walls, on the floor and on the furniture to give that needed accent and uniqueness to the home interior. This year, however, instead of sharp forms, geometric shapes should be smooth and rounded. Round coffee table tray or a geometric vase can be a great way to implement this trend, without having to spend loads of money on the new furniture.

elevateplaces - home decor ideas - top 3 interior design trends 2021

Organic, Natural Forms

Organic and natural forms are the newest trend that is most probably here to stay. Carefully curated displays of shapely figures and organic forms take centre stage creating quiet drama in neutral spaces. Rather than choosing harsh decor, people are embracing shapes that have a more natural look to create a soft and calming environment. Small accent pieces like minimal ornamented ceramic vases or a structured candle holders can be a great way to embrace this organic trend.

elevateplaces - home decor ideas - top 3 interior design trends 2021

Classic Shapes

This year, a Grandmillennial style took off in its greatest way. A new approach to traditional décor is taking place, and people are choosing classic, old-school pieces for their home décor and interior design. This style represents nostalgia to the old times and brings back cosy memories of grandparents’ house. Wooden or glass tiered candle holders, matching china in the combination of dark-wood classic furniture is a great way to implement such trend.

elevateplaces - home decor ideas - top 3 interior design trends 2021

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