White Ceramic Vases for all Budgets

We know the struggle of picking the perfect vase for your home. With such a large variety of materials, styles and colours it is very easy to get lost. The task gets even more difficult when all these vases cost a fortune. How can you choose a perfect vase to invest in? Or do you even have to invest in a first place? Read this blog to find out the answer.

In our opinion, home décor should be accessible to everyone. Whether you are on a tight budget or want to spend loads of cash, there should be a choice for all. In either way, the best starting point of looking for a vase is checking out the white ceramic ones. White colour fits every possible interior, and ceramic material gives that needed cosiness to a place. Below we suggest 4 white ceramic flower vases that are perfect when starting the journey of home décor, with a starting price of less than 30€!

Anis Kermich - Lucid Female Body Vase, €28.95

This modern, chic and elegant female form vase will dress up your space. Matte finish and a hint of sexuality add a luxurious touch to any environment. Decorate your dining area or simply place one on your bookshelf. It is also a stylish and thoughtful present. This female body vase also comes in beige, cream and grey colours.

Les Atelier- Luna White Vase, from €38,95

Just like the moon, these vases bring subtle light to your space. Modern and playful, yet elegant and chick. Great as a solo accessory or with a bouquet of flowers. Put it on your dinner table or a bookshelf. Present it to someone who has a sophisticated taste and loves unique designer pieces. A starting price point for these vases is €37,95, which increases with the size. Despite that, a unique shape and high-quality ceramics make these vases worth to invest in.

Hubert Corbett - Aerial Face Vase, From €54,95

This beautiful flower vase comes in four shapes representing the parts of the human face: Eye, Nose, Ear and Lips. This handmade ceramic vase is the perfect centrepiece for your garden, home, kitchen, bedroom, office or any other place. The edges of this vase are smooth and delicate, highlighting the texture of the product. 

Gunji Pottery – Art Deco Ceramic Vase, €73,95

Add an elegant touch to your home with this centerpiece Japanese flower vase. A simple and clean two-way design, as well as high-quality ceramics bring cosiness to your house. This clean, elegant, ceramic U-shaped vase will be a great addition to any interior and can be a thoughtful gift for your beloved one.

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