Decorating your Home with Minimalist Ceramics

Whether you are a lover of Boho style, love modern minimalist spaces or are a fan of classics, we know that you aim to have that Pinterest-perfect home space. We ourselves are always looking for great ideas to achieve a room that’s both timeless and of the moment, and today we want to share with you the tips on how to decorate your home spaces with minimalist ceramics.

Think About Function

If you fall in love with a ceramic piece, try considering its function to justify this purchase. You should always look for a piece that is beautiful to your eye and can be used in your home daily. If you find a practical use for your ceramic piece (whether it is pouring water or placing flowers in this piece, or using it to organise a coffee table), you will not have to face this conflict between “want” and “need”.

Start with Neutrals

Ceramics don’t have to be loud centrepieces, and neutrals are a great place to start. Natural colours as off-white, beige and grey will look great in every space, and they are super easy to style. Simple vases, candleholders, trays can elevate your space in the best way. Place them in your bedroom, office, living room or even bathroom to add that little cosy touch. 

Use Flowers for a Pop of Colour

If you are indeed a fan of centrepieces, simple minimalist ceramics can work for you, too. Use such addition as flower bouquets, leaves or branches to give that little ‘oomph’ to a neutral ceramic piece. You can also choose ceramic products with ornaments or in irregular shapes, which are super trending this season!

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